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Adiyerimadam is a vital pilgrim centre of Malabar blessed with the arrival of ‘Parasurama’ in the distant past. It is believed that Adiyeri is the place of origin of “Uchitta Bhagavathi”. This temple complex situates at Aralam, a deep village, 10 K.M from Iritty town. ‘Siva Sakthi’ chaithanyam is very much here. ‘Thottilum Kuttiyum’ for getting blessed with children, ‘Thali Samarppanam’ for long lasting marriage life, ‘Thulabharam’ for the well being of children is the special offerings here.

It is believed that the four ‘Thanthrik Mutts’ Adiyeri,Pullanchery,Kalakattu,Kattumadam – are following the thanthrik cults preached by ‘Parasurama’. In all the mutts thirty nine deities are being worshipped. “Uchitta Bhagavathi” at Adiyeri, “Bhairavan” at Pullanchery, “Kuttichathan” at Kalakattu, and “Karuval Bhagavathi” at Kattumadam are the deities of importance in each branches. Among the four mutts of Malabar, Adiyeri Mutt has a pivot position.

Bhagavathi, Bhairavan, Kuttichathan, Karuval Bhagavathi, Raktha Chamundi, Khantakarnnan, Thevarchathan, Gulikan, Moovalamkuzhi Chamundi, Pottan, Kurathi are the important deities of this temple.Temples like Mamanikunnu Sree Mahadevi Temple, Mundayamparamba Bhagavathi Temple, Kuthuparamba Sree Thiruvancherikkav Bhagavathi Temple,Thalassery Chettamkunnu Sree Madathil Bhagavathi Temple etc. are closely related to Adiyeri in rituals and in offerings.

Srikovil is open on the 1st of all the Malayalam Months. Special days like Thiruvonam, Mahanavami, Vijayadasami, Thulam 10, Thrikkarthika (in Vrischikam), Dhanu 10, MahaSivarathri, Karkkidaka Vavu are the pooja days in this temple also. There is ‘Annadhanam’ (Common feast) on all pooja days.Kaliyatta Mahotsavam, Thrikkarthika, Vijayadasami etc. are the festivals of importance here. Temple administrative committee is committed to convene a variety of activities for the spiritual awakening and other charity works for the people.

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